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Explore the coverage and features that have highlighted our journey and insights in the trading industry.

A short-seller who gained over $66,022 in December with a win ratio of 95% shares the 3 red flags that helped him evade short squeezes and led him to have one of his best months.

A Short seller with a 95% win ratio shares 5 stocks he recently traded and why his strategy of finding cash-strapped companies to bet against is working better than ever.

A short-seller with an over 90% win ratio explains the 'free-money' strategy he used to bet against 'pump-and-dump' stocks and 3 sources he follows to find them.

ChatGPT helped a simulated study return up to 512% trading stocks based on news. Here's the prompt the researchers used — plus the positive and negative takeaways from their findings.

Anticipating Market Shifts To Future-Proof Your Business

Navigating the 2020 Market Storm & Emerging a Victor

Market Wizard in the Making: Tips for Aspiring Short Sellers with David Capablanca

Strategic Short Selling: A Comprehensive Approach to Mastery With David Capablanca

David Capablanca: Navigating the 2020 Market Storm and Emerging a Victor

A Simple Truth About Day Trading

David Capablanca talks short selling in the crypto world: Opportunities and challenges

David Capablanca Talks Meme Stocks: A Fast and Faded Fad in Short Selling

Revealing David Capablanca’s secret to consistent trading success

Unlocking Market Secrets: David Capablanca's Insightful Analysis on Short Selling and Market Psychology.

The 5-to-9 Before the 9-to-5: David Capablanca Reveals His Pre-Work Routine for Success

The Art of Short Selling in Volatile Markets: Lessons from David Capablanca

David Capablanca: The Trader's Guide to Success


Revolutionizing Trading: David Capablanca’s Journey of Sacrifice and Triumph

In Conversation with David Capablanca: Pro-Trader on the Chronicles for Trading Success

The Busiest Man On The Markets

Unstoppable, Even By A Brain Tumor

The Bear Roars: How David Capablanca is Revolutionizing Short Selling

The Trader who Shorts The Hype

From Architecture To A Master Trader

Five Red Flags To Watch out For When Investing In Stocks

What It Takes To Become An Activist Short Seller

Crafting The Art of Shorting Scams With David Capablanca

The Bear Market Exposed & Unfiltered

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