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David's transition from architecture to master trader is a compelling narrative of unwavering determination, exceptional discipline, and profound transformation.

His journey through the financial markets is nothing short of extraordinary. As a verified 7-figure trader, he proudly boasts an astonishing 90% win ratio, a testament to his mastery of the art of short selling.

But David's journey is more than just numbers; it's a story of personal growth and relentless commitment to honing his skills. Transitioning from his aspirations as an architect, David ventured into the world of trading with a clear objective: to achieve financial freedom and break free from the shackles of student debt.


Today, he is not merely a trader; he's a mentor and a passionate advocate for short selling.

Now, his mission is to share his insights with traders worldwide, inspiring them on their own path to conscious and profitable trading.

David is also the esteemed host of the Friendly Bear Podcast, where he consistently brings in influential figures from the trading world to share their wisdom and empower fellow traders.

the friendly bear 

podcast host

The Friendly Bear Podcast™ is a weekly show that focuses on interviewing some of the best traders in the world from different niches. Listeners will be able to take show insights and apply these nuggets of information to their own strategies. In addition to interviewing top traders from around the world, The Friendly Bear Podcast™ also features guests such as market insiders, professionals and unique players in the trading space.


how david can help you 

See how David can help you elevate your trading journey and gain access to unparalleled expertise, mentorship, and courses.

A short seller with a more than 90% win ratio


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